Last of The Blackcurrants

Finally, after collecting another 1lb 4oz today, I collected the last of the blackcurrants apart from a few ‘fiddlin small’  ones. Not sure what’s going to happen to them yet – probably the freezer for the time being.

Trouble is the brambles (that’s blackberries to some of you) are now ripening and I’ll certainly have to start collecting this week.

Speaking of collecting, more French beans today as well (see pic below) mostly climbing ones  the dwarf beans are just about finished – having done the usual of producing lots of beans all at once –  whereas the climbing plants are still producing and flowering. We aren’t quite keeping up with eating the production though so some may go to the freezer.


French bean harvest


Oh yes – the courgettes just keep on coming though we are almost keeping up – courgette based vegetable soup today for instance.

Since I cleared up all the broad bean plants I’ve sown salad seed and mangetout peas in the raised bed – no sign yet, but they have only been in less than a week.

Elsewhere, the tomatoes are producing a few each day and enough to cope with for now, but the glut will be soon….

In the greenhouse, apart from the odd ripe tomato, the jalapeno pepper plants have finally got round to flowering – but will they have long enough to produce decent peppers I wonder? The original sweet pepper plant produced  pepper early in the season – but that went rotten so had to be discarded – since then not much but it does have flowers now again.


Well plenty of peacock butterflies on the buddleia, but no other species apart from cabbage whites.

One event was fascinating to watch, at the bottom of the garden on the path, a jackdaw trying to teach young jackdaws how to eat a frog – kept giving it to the chicks (there were three of them) and the chicks just dropped it – carried on like that for several minutes – I’m not sure they really understood.

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