It’s All Coming To An End

Yup, the harvesting is just about over now. Autumn looks like really setting in as well after a pretty good September altogether.

The climbing beans have gone to the compost heap now, so that’s another raised bed pretty clear now – but I haven’t tidied it up yet.

The tomatoes are almost over, there are still a few on the ones outside the greenhouse, but the ones inside are pretty much done now.

I’m still harvesting the carrots and baby leeks though, as well as the courgettes of course. There are two containers of potatoes left to empty yet, though judging by the other two I’ve emptied there will only be enough in them for a couple of meals.

Recent harvest of carrots

Recent harvest of carrots

Speaking of the courgettes, the other plant with them, the butternut squash has grown to be about 10 feet long and has produced – one small squash (see below) – not much of a return.


A Small Squash

The onions and garlic (small) I harvested a couple of weeks ago are dry now and just need a bit of cleaning up before they go in the vegetable rack.

Still a few raspberries to have with breakfast though.

There are still hedges to cut of course and I’m aiming to have a big campaign to cut the big hedges back a bit this autumn, plus a couple more raised beds installed of course. Who knows I might have the time…..


Well another squirrel has gone for a vacation a long way from my garden, but the most exciting thing happened when I moved one of the blueberry containers the other day. Underneath were 6 smooth newts! Now I’ve seen the odd smooth newt in the garden before, but not for several years, but to see half a dozen was rather a surprise. Added to that another turned up under another container nearby. All were rather small, so I thing they must be youngsters – but it was very encouraging to see them.


Smooth Newt – there are 6 if you can make them out, and yes that is a large slug in the middle!


Close up of smooth newt

Meanwhile, still very few birds on the feeders, though there were a couple of goldfinches on the nijer seed today.

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