Courgettes – for you the Growing is Over!

Yup, finally fed up with the courgettes to the point of composting almost all of the plants – just one in the growbag next to the greenhouse left now, and that will go this week. Needless to say there was still a harvest of several small to medium courgettes lurking away in the greenery.

Also finished are the tomatoes inside the greenhouse and they have all gone to the great composting bin – just a few green tomatoes left on them. The plants outside the greenhouse still have quite a few tomatoes still ripening, and not far off so if the weather stays mild as it is at the moment (16degC today) they might make it. There are also a few to ripen on the plants outside the kitchen and they might make it.

Still harvesting one or two crops – carrots today, just enough for our evening meal and the last of the mini-leeks. We’re eating some of our ‘Maya Gold’ potatoes today as well, left over from the last harvesting – still one bag of Maya Gold to go as well, plus the ‘Rooster’ bag.

On-going is the pruning of the large hedge on the RH side – it needs a lot more work though and of course the hedge on the other side now needs a good trim since the brambles are now finished (fruiting that is).

Inside the greenhouse the sweet pepper plant still looking ok, it has a couple of reasonable peppers on it – green and no sign of changing. The jalapeno pepper plant on the other hand is now looking very sad and is essentially dying, so I guess I’ll need to harvest the peppers from It soon.

I’ve been working on the ‘flowers’ section of the garden more than the veg bit recently, mostly digging up parts of the lawn for new flower beds – the aim being to make it all a bit more interesting.


Not much to report as far as wildlife is concerned, the birds are mostly keeping away from the feeders, I suppose as there is plenty of natural food still. One squirrel has gone on holiday but another has appeared recently – so the trap is waiting……


We’ve had a few wet days this month but mostly so far it has been fairly mild. More when I have a moment to upload.

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