It’s Really Autumn

The wet and windy autumn weather is with us now reducing the number of opportunities to spend lengthy periods in the garden. Plus of course it’s been rather cooler.

The last proper harvest, not counting the odd tomato still hanging on, was the peppers from the greenhouse – see pic below. The smaller peppers are the jalapeno and the larger sweet peppers. Not really much of a payback from two jalapeno plants and one sweet pepper really – not sure whether I’ll grow more next year, but we’ll see.

Pepper harvest

Pepper Harvest

I’ve cleared the raised bed that had the climbing beans and the peas in it, and as soon as I have a moment I’ll plant a couple of rows of broad beans in it to be ready in early spring (yes I know about rotation but right now there isn’t much choice). I have planted some garlic though in the raised bed that held the broad beans, plus I’ve sowed the rest with a winter green manure mix.

All the tomato and pepper grow-bags have had the plants cut down and they are all on the garden now waiting for the contents to be added somewhere….

The only tomato plants left are those in the container by the kitchen, and one of those is actually still producing flowers. There are one or two tomatoes left there as well. Plus there are two containers left with potatoes in which I haven’t harvested yet.

I have carried on pruning back hedges of course and there is a lot more to do yet.

Also, I have been planting some perennial flowers in the ‘flowers’ part of the garden though and creating more planting area by cutting back the lawn.


Slightly more bird activity has been taking place and one squirrel had a reprieve when I had to release it at the bottom of the garden in the poring rain as I wasn’t able to take it on holiday at the time – I’m sure it will be back though….


As I said at the top, it’s been wet and windy over the last few weeks and I’ll post the weather summary for November as soon as I can sort it out.

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