Clearin’ and Prunin’

In between showers I’ve got on with the clearing up and even a bit of planting.

What I haven’t done is sort out the weather for October – but I will

UPDATE – weather data now available for October – here

So all the tomatoes have been cleared up now, even those outside the kitchen. plus what is left of the squash and courgette plants. So all the growbags are now sitting on part of the garden waiting for the contents to be redeployed.

All of the raised beds are clear, though one still needs weeding. I’ve even planted two rows of ‘aquadulce’ broad beans in one of them.

I’ve had a go at serious pruning of the LH hedge as well, and a bit of a yew tree at the bottom of the garden – but still a lot more to do.


Well 2 squirrels have gone holiday just this week, and I’m fighting the usual battle with mice in the greenhouse this time of the year – 4 so far, but I’m sure there will be more – must put the webcam back in the greenhouse to see what is going on.

Birds still seem not to be feeding too much on the feeders, except for the robin which specialises in rapid visits to a tray with ‘robin seed’ on it – yes a seed mix aimed at robins and it seems to work. Mind I did see one of the squirrels having a go at it before it was persuaded to go on holiday…

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