December Already?

Where did all of November go? Seems like I’ve hardly been in the garden since the last post – but I have I suppose, it’s just all maintenance now more or less which seems less ‘gardening’. Having said that I’m still harvesting – another lot of potatoes from the growing ‘sacks’ – this time the ‘rooster’ variety which we ate all of on Sunday (well almost) so as you  can tell, not a terrific yield – they were tasty though. I’m more or less convinced now that growing the potatoes isn’t really worth it. There is another bag of ‘maya gold’ left to harvest though so we’ll see what they are like (plus a few more from plants in the garden).

There are even some raspberries left as the weather has been relatively mild but apart from that everything else is gone so it is mainly clearing up similar tasks that need doing in the garden.

So hedges have been a main target recently, which has meant fighting with holly and brambles on stepladders and a platform and gaining many scratches on arms and hands as a result. What’s more there is still a lot to do yet.

The raised beds are all clear and as mentioned before I’ve planted some garlic in one and broad beans in another ready for the spring. I’ve added some compost (ex the potatoes) to the third (nearest the greenhouse).

I’ve also been trimming the ivy round the old pear tree in the middle, a job that needs to be continued further up the tree, with pruning of branches as well needed, and ultimately the aim is to lower the height of the tree to about half its current height sometime this winter. There is now so much in the way of cuttings from hedges etc., with more to come that I can see a serious bonfire will be needed….

Meanwhile, dealing with wildlife has become quite a time consumer – squirrels, 4 have been persuaded to go on holiday in the last month, and I have an ongoing campaign in the greenhouse trying to eliminate mice – at the rate of about one every couple of days at the moment.

The birds meanwhile have still been rather conspicuous by their absence – apart from a few blackbirds and the ubiquitous robin, who now appears within seconds of me starting any work in the garden, and occasional great tit – there hasn’t been much else. The dunnocks and house sparrows haven’t been seen for ages and the feeders are more or less untouched for long periods, it’s all a bit strange.

More to be added and photos later…..

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