End of Another Year

Here we are at just about the end of another year, and what have we done?

Well perhaps I should bring my reader up to date with the lost 3 weeks. It’s basically been taken up with watching the weather a fair amount of the time – we’ve had several stormy low pressure systems come over. Also, when possible I have been trimming down all the branches and the ivy on the old pear tree in the middle of the garden in preparation for taking the top off and reducing it in height by half. It looks a bit weird at the moment, with everything trimmed off the trunk except for the top few feet. All I need not is a calm day so I can finish the trimming and cut the top off while up the ladder.

So now I have a huge pile of hedge and tree trimmings and there will be more to come – it’s just a case of when to have the bonfire…..

I still have some Maya Gold potatoes to harvest which were in the garden rather than containers but we have plenty just now as we bought several pounds for Christmas dinner. A picture of the Maya potatoes from the last container harvested below (not exactly a lot):


Maya Gold Potatoes

Maya Gold Potatoes


I notice my early plantings of garlic and broad beans are showing now, and the green manure on one of the raised beds is well green.

I am fighting a constant campaign against the mice in the greenhouse, almost at the rate of one every couple of days at the moment – I think they must be getting in from somewhere but can’t see where.

Elsewhere in the garden no much going on at the moment, and forward planning hasn’t really started yet – early in the New Year is what I am aiming for.

The big job to tackle, sometime soon, is completely tidying up the greenhouse and I’m waiting for the almost mythical calm, dry and mild winters day to do that.

When I am in the garden my friendly robin is always on hand just in case. I was moving on of my compost heaps not long ago and the robin turned up of course – see picture below:

Hopeful Robin

Hopeful Robin

It’s still the case that the birds aren’t really taking much food from the feeders – but then it has been quite mild still (10 degC today for instance).

So this year, a bit mixed really. The first proper full year of the raised beds and I’m still working out what are the best mix of crops to grow in them. The tomatoes and beans were ok, the onions better than previous attempts, the courgettes far too productive, salad crops so so, the cucumber not enough, the carrots ok, the potatoes hardly worth it, the peas ok, the mini leeks questionable and the blackcurrants, gooseberries & brambles productive, apples less so.

Next year, hopefully more raised beds, the new fruit trees will produce and I’ll get more of the garden back into production and there are still hedges to trim….

Hope you had a good Christmas and have a good New Year!

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