Where’s Winter?

As the title suggests – so far only a couple of frosts but lots of rain – as will become clear when I sort the weather data out for January. Today for instance – a sunny day for a change – the temperature reached 9degC, this on the 2nd Feb!

Anyway, I hadn’t been doing much in the garden for the last few weeks since Christmas as the weather has been so wet, but this weekend it was sunny on Sat & Sun, and not too cold, though a bit windy today.

So some jobs done – I have laid a few more slabs to make up the paths around the raised beds, which were. incomplete. I still need a few more, particularly for inside the greenhouse to cover an area of bare soil which I had ignored since moving here – I guess originally it was used for growing in but then a bench was built over the top and it was covered with a wooden door which has now rotted away. I intend to cover the area properly so that I can store stuff under the bench without it getting damp. So that job involved clearing out a load of rotten wood – boy am I going to have a bonfire if the weather ever permits!

As a reversal of things I may well lift some of the slabs on the floor of the greenhouse where I put the growbags and see if I can created a soil bed to plant in directly.  First I need to get some gravel to fill in the void plus a few more slabs.

I am still fighting the campaign against the mice in the greenhouse as well, though the clearing up must be reducing the number of places that they can hide.

I planted the two blackcurrant plants I bought a couple of weeks ago, one in the container used by  the currant bush that died, and the other directly in the soil near the other bushes at the bottom of the garden.

The contents of one of last years growbags have been used to enhance the raised bed with the broad bean seedlings in – and they are doing nicely as well. It’s getting close to the point where I should plant some inside the greenhouse – must put a cloche over the bed soon.

I remembered rather late that there were some ‘Maya Gold’ potatoes in plot C, just a few left over from the containers, so I got round to digging them up on Sat. – not very many, but I will now use them as seed potatoes for next year, especially as I already had some small ones left over from the containers which are now staring to sprout.


Last weekend I took part in the ‘Great Garden Birdwatch’ – late on Sunday afternoon when it had stopped raining for the day, expecting that the birds would appear for a feed. What did I spot in the hour? Not much, 2 blackbirds, 3 long-tailed tits, 1 robin, 1 pigeon and 1 magpie – not very good at all. I blame the mild weather, I suspect there is still a lot of natural food out there.

I acquired a ‘trail camera’ recently, the type that can take movies or stills when triggered my movement – I am just testing it at the moment – I have some pics of blackbirds feeding on crumbs I put out and that is about it so far – when I get some decent results I’ll post them on the blog.

No squirrel evictions for about three weeks, but I spotted one the other day, it only paid a brief visit so it may only be passing – but if it isn’t…..

Postscript (3rd Feb)-  I’ve corrected the typos (hopefully) and will add some pictures – weather permitting…..

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