Revamp & Status Mid-Winter

As my reader can see I’ve revamped the site with a new theme (Coraline) and will amend it further as I get chance – firstly with a new header image and then with some more links to other garden blogs – I’ve been a bit lax in adding them recently. Thanks to ‘Greenhousestarter’ for the ‘like’ of the last post which shamed me into improving my site!

My other topic is just an attempt to show how rubbish the garden is at this time in winter – hopefully to acct as a contrast to views during the full cropping season. Today was the first fine & sunny day for a while so there was at least a chance to get some photos, as well as a bit of work done in the garden.

At least here in the E Midlands we haven’t been flooded, but we have had a lot of rain and plenty of wind – causing a bit of chaos in the garden but no real disasters.

The work – well a mixture of flower and vegetable work. I took delivery of 5 lupin (‘Noble Maiden’ – a whitish variety) roots a few days ago so planted them,  and took the chance also to sow some broad beans into pots (‘Aquadulce’) which will get started in the greenhouse to follow on from those planted in the autumn which are now well up (see pic below).

Over the last couple of weeks I have carried on trying to sort out the greenhouse (though not as well as ‘Greenhousestarter’) with some progress at paving the section of soil under my workbench which had been covered with a wooden door of some sort, but mostly rotted away – I’ve filled the depression with gravel and had some slabs but need to cut a couple so I can get a good fit – need some more fine weather. I have organised some of the many plant pots, but I have found more stashed on another corner. It’s the bane of most gardeners, who seem always to be loath to chuck away the pots that come with plants – you never know they might come in handy….

And I still haven’t got round to going through my seeds and sorting out what, if any, I need to buy – no plan  for what goes where yet either.


Well, not a lot going on really – just the same rather restricted mix of birds and very few on the feeders. One squirrel appeared briefly but has wisely stayed away since. Mind you,  like most who garden in the UK, I am worried about the lack of frosts to kill off bugs and other nasty wild life hanging on from last year.

The mouse trapping carries on apace in the greenhouse – even with the tidying up I haven’t identified the way they are getting in – if that’s what is happening.


Some photos taken the other day just to show the state of things at the moment:

Raised Beds 1

Raised Beds 1

Above can be seen the ‘green manure’ crop in the near bed with some garlic at the LH end. The bed to the right has a couple of rows of broad beans (see below also)

Raised Beds 2

Raised beds 2

The raised beds from the other direction with broad bean plants in the foreground – not I’ve put one cloche over the nearer bed, though I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be growing in it yet.

Plot B - covered in bits

Plot B – covered in bits

Here is plot B between the high hedge and the now shortened pear tree – covered with all the bits from the tree and hedge cuttings – waiting for that day of no wind and dryness when I can have a bonfire.

It is all due to be cleaned up and converted to raised beds hopefully this year – we’ll see.

Plot C

Plot C

Here is plot C – likewise in a bit of a state with some carpet and upside down turves (from the lawn – see below) to keep down the weeds – the water tub is covering my rhubarb (the tube developed a leak which I’ve tried to mend without total success so it’s become a cover to force the rhubarb).

Just to show what’s happening elsewhere – here is a new bed cut into the lawn into which I planted 100 plus bulbs – they are well up now and this picture should be an interesting contrast with any taken when they are in flower.

Bulb Bed

Bulb Bed


Once the bulbs are finished the aim is to populate this bed with penstemons. The beds behind should also have a mix of perennials flowering in the summer.

Some flowers already out in the garden:


Snowdrops of course (above), but a bit more surprising is that the primroses are out (below) at the bottom of the garden.


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