Been Cleanin’ & Tidyin’

A sunny-ish sort of day that was warm enough in the greenhouse prompted a ‘frenzy’ of cleaning and sorting out. So one end of the greenhouse at least is pretty well sorted out now. Still a section under my workbench to sort out though – more bare earth to cover I suspect. As part of the tidy I threw out about half a dozen plastic compost sacks – I’d hung on to them on the grounds that they were such useful bags that maybe they would come in hands… and of course they’ve never been touched since stuffing them under the bench! Also more plastic pots turned up so the collection looks like this now:

Piles of plant pots

Am I ever going to use this many pots?

Tidy part of greenhouse

The ‘tidy’ end of the greenhouse – honest!

Previously during the week I’d managed to spend a bit of time in the greenhouse planting some more seeds. So it looks a bit more like I’m getting ready for the growing season now.

I planted some spring onions I bought ‘in a tape’ last year (white Lisbon), can’t say they were wonderful but they did come up ok, so I put a double row in the bed nearest the greenhouse – I’ll try to remember to put more in later on to keep them coming.

I put some more broad beans into pots in the greenhouse – ‘The Sutton’ this time, hopefully they’ll be ok since I seem to be on top of the mouse problem at the moment – they are in trays and covered in any case which should keep any mice out.

One job I managed to get round to at last was to sit down with all my seed packets and sort out what to chuck (always seems a shame), what to plant and keep and more important compile a list of what to buy. As a result of the sort out, I decided to sow some aubergine seeds (‘Black Beauty’), more since I had them and they were probably still viable that that I have much hope of success since last time I grew them I produced a harvest of one. However, if I can get them going now maybe they will produce. They have gone into the heated propagator along with some ‘Ailsa Craig’ tomatoes. As well as those I dragged the container I’d grown carrots in last year into the greenhouse – which had been quite successful last year. I replenished and replaced the top section of compost and found quite a large carrot left over! It was promptly added to the vegetable bhaji I cooked that evening so came in handy. Into the container I sowed 2 varieties of carrot – ‘Amsterdam’ & ‘Mini Finger’ and left about a quarter of the growing area for more later – so I hope they get going soon in  the warmer environment of the greenhouse.

Outside, mostly in the last couple of days, I’ve been tackling the ivy and perennial geranium in an area between paths near the pear tree which has long been something I meant to target. My long term target is to plant some raspberry canes there as I don’t think is is much good for anything else, but I suspect it will have to lay ‘fallow’ this year so I can zap any ivy and geranium that I’ve missed. I also removed a patch of Kerria which had rather got out of hand alongside the raised bed near the hedge – took some digging I might say as well.


Can’t say much as there hasn’t been much visible, just the same sort of mix of birds as previously. The only point of note is that I saw a butterfly come past while I was in the greenhouse tidyin’ – though not well enough to see the species, except that it was darkish and fairly large.

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