Raised Bed Constructing

Yep – I’ve been constructing a new raised bed to fit in the space near the greenhouse. This time, rather than buy kits, which I did for the last set, I started from scratch using treated ‘gravel boards’ and posts. So it’s now in place (see pic below) and I’ve added some soil but I need a load more which I have to organise yet – I’ve pre-ordered some but have yet to set a delivery date. I’ll need to get it soon though if I am to bring the bed into use this season.

While I was buying the bits to complete the bed I obtained enough to build another on, which hopefully will go alongside the path in plot C to make a start in converting that area to raised beds.

New Raised Bed

New Raised Bed

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I have been planting seed today – A bit advanced maybe but worth a try, and they have gone into one of my heated propagators in the greenhouse. I’ve planted:

Tomato – ‘F1 Sweet ‘n Cherry’ – a bush dwarfish variety aimed at containers.
Tomato – ‘Zucchero’ – a small cherry, plum shaped variety.

Sweet Pepper – F1 Gypsy

Also, some leaf salad – ‘Italian Mix’ into a large pot, covered with a clear plastic bag in the greenhouse to see if I can get some early salad crop. 


The only development of note here is that I’ve installed a new bird-table, which we’ve been without for about a year since that last one fell apart. The body of the new one is a bespoke metal (stainless steel) construction of conventional form (i.e. with pitched roof), sprayed green and brown and mounted on a substantial fence post at the distant edge of the lawn. I’ve added a tray and a seed dispenser so it isn’t just a plain flat feeding surface – so far not much action it’s only been up a few days – my wife reports a visit from a robin but I haven’t seen any visitors yet.

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