Sunny Day – Flower Seeds

After al the rain and wind recently we’ve had one or two sunny days, and today was one of them so I couldn’t sit inside looking out at it.

First, I should mention that yesterday (Friday) I actually cleared out the last part of the ‘under bench’ side of the greenhouse – and found another 7 or 8 compost bags (and a load of other stuff)! Anyway, I’ve got some slabs down now, it’s almost finished but I’m just short of one more slab to finish it off. There’s still some tidying up to be done on the side where I normally put my growbags but it’s partly occupied by perennials in post waiting to go back into the garden.

So, today, well first of all I have used one of the tarpaulins I found under the bench (ex a temporary cover for the shed before I put a new roof on a few weeks ago, and not in perfect condition) as a cover to make the glass covered raised bed into a sort of cold frame, together with a couple of the compost bags (see pic below). Since I’m not going to put my courgette plants into there until much later it should come in handy in the meantime.

Temporary Cold Frame

Temporary Cold Frame

I also had a section of the hedge near the house to trim down by about a foot while it was still in ‘hibernation’, so an hour or so balancing on a stepladder to do that.

I also spent an hour or so in the greenhouse, which was quite warm with the sunshine and just for a change sowed a bunch of flower seeds. Last year I’d bought a couple of packets with several types of flower seed in and since I’m focussing a bit more on flowers this year, I thought I’d better get on with using them. I am hoping we don’t have a dreadful cold snap now, as I’m leaving them all in the greenhouse…Anyway I planted Nastertiums and Sweet Peas into pots (four in each – I’m not risking them all). They have gone into a heated propagator, so should be ok whatever. Then I filled a half-tray with Marigold seeds and another with half of Pansies and half Violas. The two half-trays  are just in a tray with a ‘transparent’ cover.

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