It’s Kicking Off In The Greenhouse

Yes action at last from the seed sowing in the greenhouse which is encouraging. The tomato seeds are making an appearance, the broad beans and the salad crop as well. No sign of the carrots and aubergines either so far though.

Ailsa Craig Seedling

Ailsa Craig Seedling

Broad Beans just coming through

Broad Beans just coming through

Salad Seedlings

Salad Seedlings







I bought some seed potatoes (Maris Piper) while at a DIY store the other day – well they were just £1 for the bag full – it’s just that I’ll have to find somewhere to plant them now… Still they are chitting nicely in the tray (below):

Chtting Potatos

Chtting Potatoes

I haven’t had much chance to work out in the garden, though it was a calm day earlier in the week and I thought I could start my promised bonfire. However, after half an hour I had to give up – everything was just too damp even after a couple of fine days.

Meanwhile all the daffodils are really starting to come into flower – when there are a few more I’ll post a photo.



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