It’s Like Being in a Glass House!

The continued good weather has certainly been helping along the seeds in the greenhouse with more tomatoes appearing, the broad beans (first lot) almost ready to harden off and the carrots finally starting to appear. Even some of my flower seeds are coming through, the sweet peas and nasturtiums making an appearance.

Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedlings – more than one variety now!

Broad Bean Seedlings

Broad Bean Seedlings – almost ready

At the weekend I finally undertook the job of cleaning the greenhouse windows – something I haven’t done for several years, so some of them were more green than clear – what a difference! More striking because the S end glass had been ‘whitened’ some years ago, and they are now clear. So now I feel quite conspicuous in the greenhouse, it’s quite unnerving really, I keep thinking I’m being watched…. Still, there should be a positive effect on the plants in the greenhouse this season.

Having said that, it’s been so sunny this week and last weekend that the auto-vents in the roof have been opening and temperature into the mid twenties have been reached in the early afternoon.

Outside – well I haven’t done much in the veg area of the garden. I have worked on clearing a section of border near the house which has had perennial geranium in but a lot of ‘twitch’ grass had infiltrated, so I’ve had a good go at clearing it out. Here’s a view of the broad bean status in the raised bed:

Broad Bean Plants

Broad Bean Plants – note the failure at RH end of front row and the onions I missed from last year….

The fruit bushes are starting to show signs of life as well see below:


Blackcurrant just starting to show leaf

The main reason for trying to clear up some of the borders is the need to create space for plants – I took delivery of 140 perennial seedlings the other day – yes that many (they were a bargain offer!). Though on past performance I’m assuming they won’t all survive (they are tiny seedlings). So the last couple of days I’ve been working on getting them into pots and other containers – so far I’ve done just over half, so I’ll hopefully get the rest done over the weekend. I just hope I can find places to put them in – some will go into containers at least for this season. Still it’s a good job I can listen to the radio in the greenhouse, as the transplanting job is a bit tedious!

While I’m talking about flowers – here’s what the ‘daffodil bed’ looks like now:



I’ve seen a few butterflies thanks to the weather – a couple  of ‘sulphur yellow’ and one or two ‘brown jobs’ which didn’t hang around long enough for me to identify them. Still quite encouraging though.

Not much happening bird-wise though, the blackbirds are still having border disputes and the same sort of mix of birds appearing, but not with any frequency.

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