Gonna Need Some Growbags!

Isn’t it always the same – you plant a load of tomato seeds on the grounds that not all will germinate – then they all do! So I’m in that position now, far too many seedlings – admittedly of different varieties but nevertheless rather more than I’m actually going to need. Still, I’ll keep on nurturing them into individual pots while I make my mind up. Anyway the upshot is that the first ones to come through, the ‘Ailsa Craig’, aren’t far from being repotted, and therefore not far from being put into a growbag. So a trip to somewhere to buy some is on the cards.

Weather wise it’s been quite windy the last few days, and a cold wind at that, which has rather inhibited being out in the open for long. The only real work has been in the greenhouse, where I finished off potting up all the 140 plus perennials. Now there is hardly a flat area in the greenhouse that doesn’t have a plant tray on it. I was going to put some out into my temporary cold frame  but some frosts are predicted this week so I’m holding off for now.

However, one small tray has been emptied now as the first lot of broad bean sowings in the greenhouse have been outside being conditioned for the last few days, and this afternoon I planted them out in the raised bed next to the existing ones. They make up two new rows, and one went into the existing rows to replace the plant that was obviously not going to make it as a grown up bean plant. The next lot are just poking through the compost in their pots so it will be a few days before they go out.

Two new rows of Broad Beans

Two new rows of Broad Beans

One rather disappointing thing, the spring onion seed ‘in a ribbon’ a few weeks ago show no sign of appearing. I don’t need that bit of the bed for anything else yet, but I would have expected some sign of them by now.

The only seeds I’ve planted in the last few days have been some climbing nasturtiums.

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