Growbags are Go!

The rapid growth of the tomato seedlings forced me to get them into the growbags – so six have gone in (out of 9 places available), three Ailsa Craig and three of small varieties (2 x zuchero & 1 x sweet ‘n neat). I’ve arranged the bags slighly differently this year – see below:

Growbags & Tomatoes

Growbags & Tomatoes

Further action in the greenhouse includes the germination of the two pots of mangetout peas, and the emergence of three climbing bean seedlings. Also, the last lot of tomatoes seeds I planted (some Italian pomodoro) have produced at least one seedling. They will have to go into the growbags in the greenhouse as I suspect they won’t produce too well in our climate outside. Meanwhile, the remaining tomato seedlings are just about big enough to go into growbags or containers outside – but the weather is still a bit tricky, we had an air frost the last couple of nights for instance, so deciding the right moment is the thing.

The greenhouse is still festooned with perennial flower seedlings which I’m gradually repotting and moving out ready for planting in the garden – but there many more to got. I’ve had two sessions of thinning out violas and pansie from a tray full into matrix trays as well, and more to go.

Out in the garden, the first row of broad beans is flowering now (see below). The potatoes I planted in the containers haven’t come through yet – but I’m sure they will appear soon.

Broad Bean in Flower

Broad Bean in Flower

Also, the carrots in a container are now outside and seemingly doing well:

Carrot Seedlings

Carrot Seedlings

The fruit bushes show the most advances – the redcurrant and whitecurrant are in flower now, but the blackcurrants are just getting into leaf. The new blackcurrants I bought are only just starting to show signs of action, as are the raspberry canes I planted recently, but they may be all ok hopefully. The first apple tree is about to flower, and two out of the three gooseberry bushes are in flower. The third bush is only just surviving and only one branch is in flower – so I may need to get a replacement – the two bushes don’t really produce enough themselves for a decent pie. The two new ‘trees’ I planted last year (a plum and apple) are now in leaf as well.

A major amount of my effort has been going into clearing up the ‘flower’ part of the garden ready to plant out all the perennials – so I’ve been fighting dandelions and other such. On top of which, I’ve had a major go at the hedge on the RH side, lowering it by about a foot – my arms still bear the scars – and now I have a new pile of cuttings to deal with.

Wildlife – still very few birds using the feeders, only the blackbirds appear when I put out crumbs. There is the odd blue tit, dunnock and robin but it’s really noticeable how few there are.

However, butteflies are more noticeable, I’ve seen orange-tips, more peacocks and the odd other unidentified type. We’ve had sunshine most of this week so that has encourged them I guess. Update (Thurs) I had to release two peacock butterflies from the greenhouse this morning!

No squirrels recently, but a large black cat has appeared a couple of times – need to get the cat scarers in action again.

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