All Growbags in Action

I’ve got the last two growbags filled now – they are outsdie the greenhouse and have a mix of tomatoes planted in them. There are moneymaker, zuchero and sweet ‘n neat varieties planted in them as well as Ailsa Craig. I covered them with my ”cold frame’ door just to protect them for a few days while they become established. Another three tomatoes are in the container near the kitchen, one sweet ‘n neat, one moneymaker and one zuchero. The three spare slots in the growbags in side the greenhouse are going to be filled by the ‘pomodoro’ plants when they are big enough – so far they only have their first leaves. Meanwhile I’ve still got 7 tomato plants leaft over, but by next-door neighbour will take a few I think.


Some progress outside as well, I’ve planted out the mangetout peas, in raised bed 1, next to some garlic plants making around a row and a half. I’ll need to plant some more in the greenhouse now. The climbing beans have germinated, only three of them and now at the point where their proper leaves are just starting to appear.

The raspberry canes, 5 of the 6 in any case, are now in leaf, I just hope the last one finally bursts into leaf soon. All the currant bushes are well into leaf, except for one of the two I bought last year which still hasn’t produced leaves yet.

I’ve still got more seeds to plant, but my attention has been distracted by all the perennials I’m busy repotting and so on – many are now outside in trays waiting for a decision on where they will go.


Not much to report apart from the fact that over last weekend there were many more butterflies around thanks to the sunshine (Friday and Saturday at least)

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