More Sowing

Now the spring is really with us, although cold weather is promised at the end of this week, so I’ll need to be prepared – anyway I thought is was time to get one or two there things on the go. So I’ve planted some cucumber and more sweet pepper and I’ve added some more carrot seeds to the container with the already growing ones in. I’ve thinned those carrots out a bit as well.

No sign yet of the courgettes though which a bit worrying, but we’ll see. However, the potatoes have made an appearance and so I’ve added more compost to the containers, I notice this morning I need to add more. I’ve also collected the first harvest of rhubarb at last, left rather late so  some of the sticks are quite big app I have to do now is to decide what to do with them – pie, crumble or cook and freeze….

As I had seven tomato seedlings left over I’ve given 4 away to my next door neighbour – just three to go now.

The broad beans are coming on nicely and the first couple of rows, now in full flower, were big enough to be staked, so that’s done now. The peas are doing fine and I realise I should have already planted some more – must do that.

Still dealing with perennial flowers, though a dozen have now been planted out with more to follow in the next few days – so maybe I’ll have some flat spaces in the greenhouse soon.


Loads of peacock butterflies around, or maybe the same one multiple times plus I’ve already seen some small whites – good  job I have no cabbages…

A squirrel mad a brief appearance the other day investigating the bird table which actually has nothing on it, which must have been a disappointment.

I’ll add photos later


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