Been Busy – But Not Just With Veg

I’ve spent the last week or so thinking I must post something but seem to have spent all my time trying to get stuff planted out or potted on.

Also, most of the work has been with perennial flowers rather than vegetables – remember I took delivery of over 140 as tiny plugs, plus more recently 20 penstemons (which I’m concentrating on in the perennial department). They original set have had to be potted on a couple of times, and only now are most of them ready to plant out – and then there is the decision making as to where they should go… really tricky. The penstemons arrived as moderately large plantlets but really needed to be potted on for a while in larger pots, these are just about ready to plant out now.

In between dealing with the flowers (I’ve also been planting out sweet peas and nasturtiums) I have managed to move the vegetable work forward somewhat.

In the greenhouse I have 3 cucumber seedlings now, but none of the courgettes have appeared – looks like I might have to buy a plant or so instead. I also planted some more peas (mangetout) a week or so ago  and they are just coming through. A couple of weeks ago I planted some more sweet peppers (2 varieties) but none of those have made an appearance so far. I also planted some dwarf beans, no sign yet. Meanwhile, the ‘pomodoro’ tomatoes had been potted on, and just today I decided they were big enough to go into the growbags in the greenhouse – so they are all filled now. The tomatoes already planted  are well on now and have had to be staked, and side shoots removed of course. I still have a few tomato plants left over, mostly ‘moneymaker’ and 3 of those I’ve repotted into much larger pots for now.

Outside the greenhouse, all the raspberry canes are in leaf now – the last one finally bursting into leaf just the other day. More importantly, the climbing french beans (3 plants) are now in the raised bed nearest the greenhouse against a ‘wigwam’ of canes – I planted a couple of more beans as I suspect we might need more and on a ‘just in case’ basis.

The broad beans are doing fine and some are set on the first couple of rows, and the second couple of rows have had to be ‘strung’. The peas have suffered from an attack of pigeons – so I’ve strung up a CD scarer over them, but I fear it may be too late for one heavily pecked plant at the end of a row.

The carrots are doing fine, I still keep thinning out a few and the remaining third of the container has been sown with some more seed. Also, this week I’ve sown a row of radishes (a ‘special’ variety called ‘rats tails’, the pack sponsored by ?? with a ‘free recipe’ on the pack) – the seed has been sowed where the spring onions were supposed to have been growing, but no a single one appeared even after two separate attempts. I’ve planted some more salad leaves in a large container placed near the kitchen and they are just coming through now. Also near the kitchen in the patch just outside,  there is a row of rocket coming through, and a row of coriander, which isn’t. The tomatoes nearby in a container are thriving as are the ones in containers outside the greenhouse – which I had to stake today.

Some pics to illustrate:

French beans and pomodoro tomato seedlings (now all planted out)

French beans and pomodoro tomato seedlings (now all planted out) – taken a few days ago

Tomatoes in greenhouse a few days ago.

Tomatoes in greenhouse a few days ago. Note all the flower seedlings occupying any spaces around

Now a couple of photos to illustrate fruit developments:

Currants (red I think) starting to develop

Currants (red I think) starting to develop

Apple blossom from the 'Lord Lamborne' tree

Apple blossom from the ‘Lord Lamborne’ tree

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