Climbing Beans A-Plenty

Just thought I would harvest some climbing (and dwarf) beans for our dinner this evening – and this is what I came up with:

Plenty of Beans!

Plenty of Beans!

Only slightly deceptive as there is a courgette and a few mangetout peas lurking at the bottom of the basket – but nevertheless more than we can eat today or even tomorrow, or the day after…

The broad beans were dying back so I pulled them up today and rescued a few pods left over.  I always feel slightly guilty as some of the plants were shooting and flowering from the base and yes I know you can cut the tops down and maybe get a few more beans – but in my experience it doesn’t work too well. Anyway this many beans are to be incorporated in our meal:

The last broad beans...

The last broad beans…

Plenty of small tomatoes are now in the fridge as well as four courgettes at the last count – another surplus building up I think. Also, the cucumber are being more successful this year, only two plants but looks like they are going to produce faster than they can be eaten as well, already had a couple with more growing on the plants – not so easy to store either.

Raspberries are still producing well, but I noticed this morning that the birds (I presume) have had all the blueberries now, even the ones not quite ripe, so that’s a lesson for next year – they need netting!

Other fruit – well I’ve picked around a pound of brambles (blackberries) and there are plenty more waiting to be picked. The climbing strawberries are still producing, though only the odd one or two at a time – still they are good to add to my breakfast cereal when available.


We’ve had some showers over the last few days which have been quite welcome as it has meant I haven’t had to spend so much time watering – especially as I wanted to rush in as fast as possible to watch the Commonwealth Games…. Still quite warm though, and sunny and dry again today.


Not much to say, the buddleia has still been alive with Peacock butterflies, I counted over a dozen at one point, and I spotted a couple of Red Admirals today.

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