Summer temporarily missing

Over the last couple of weeks the weather has taken a turn towards autumn with cooler temperatures, wind and rain. We’ve had some storms as well.

The main activity has of course been harvesting. As predicated, there is now a courgette glut and I have too many cucumbers. The tomatoes are building up as well, despite my efforts to eat through them. I’ve been incorporating courgette into stir fry, together with climbing beans (now coming to an end), and mangetout peas (also nearly finished). The tomatoes and cucumber have been incorporated into salads together with the cut ‘n come again’ salad leaves still growing well.

I have now picked all the blackcurrants, but am still working my way through the brambles – still loads I could pick, it’s just finding the time…. Then there are raspberries, a useful addition to my breakfast cereal, plus a few strawberries form the ‘climbing’ plants I got a while back.

Basically I just haven’t had the time to much more than harvest stuff, even the weeds are winning right now – especially after the rain. I’ve also been rather distracted by dealing with flowers as well.

The only thing I’ve planted recently has been some parsley as we never seem to have enough, and unusually it seems all the seed in three pots sown a few weeks ago have come through.


One or two red admiral butterflies appeared on the buddleia over the last few days, but the flowers are just about finished now. The other big event is the return of the goldfinches – just in the last couple of days I’ve seen some on the nijer seed.

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