Autumn Already!

The weather over the last week or so has been pretty dreadful for August. We’ve had wind, rain and temperatures overnight less than 10degC! So bad I’ve been running in my long running tights rather than shorts, and with two layers on top as well.

The upshot of course is that although the garden is well watered, it is a disaster area with weeds growing like mad and getting away with it as I haven’t really been able to work in the garden for any reasonable time.

All I’ve managed to do is to carry on harvesting when I can – raspberries (for my breakfast cereal) the odd strawberry and courgettes of course plus some cucumbers. I’ll swear the courgettes disguise themselves as leaves until they are huge – I spotted one this morning – almost a foot long and I’ll swear it wasn’t there yesterday!

Some harvesting is going by the board as I haven’t had time and even if I have the weather has prevented me, so brambles, damsons (at the bottom of the garden – which is a shame as they only produce about 1 year in 5), and grapes in the greenhouse are all crying out to be gathered in but…. Have managed to keep collecting tomatoes though.

I did spend some time in the greenhouse – because I had to – when deliveries of pansies (24) and osteospermum (15) turned up as plantlets and had to be potted up more or less immediately.

So no pics at the moment – I don’t think a group photo of courgettes lurking in my fridge would be very exciting. Must do some cooking….

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