Really Autumn Now

The weather has really turned now – last week at this time we had temps getting into the 20’s, which carried on until the end of the week – which was good as I spent several days taking folks around the country on tourist trips in the sunshine. As of Sunday, when there was an early morning temp of 2degC we’ve had rain and temps scarcely rising above 10degC with wind as well – so leaves are coming down from the trees in shoals (what is the collective for falling leaves?).

Mind, the rain was welcome in the garden – it had been so dry that I actually got the hosepipe out a couple of weeks ago and watered the flowers in particular, which brought on an overnight shower of course….

So, as a result of my ‘tourist guide’ work I haven’t had much time in the garden but one or two jobs have been completed. I’ve cut down the old raspberry canes from the batch that I bought this year – one set of three has quite large new shoots already, the other set (near the greenhouse) has only v small new shoots, but I’m sure they will come. I might say I’m still harvesting fresh raspberries from the old’ canes alongside the hedge, I had a few with my breakfast cereal this morning, along with some strawberries which were still ripening on the ‘climbing’ variety in the container – though I suspect they won’t be ripening as much now (might move them into the greenhouse if I can find room).
Also I’ve harvested the last of the potatoes – one lot (maris piper) in a growing container and the rows that I planted very late in a new raised bed. It did show that the container cropping isn’t very good compared with the ones in the raised bed (couple of rows of ?maris piper and one row of ‘Maya Gold’) – pictures below:


Maya Gold potatoes


Maris Piper potatoes

I have planted some more cut ‘n come again salad leaves in a container, they are just coming through now – but as with the strawberries I’ll try and get them into the greenhouse as soon as I can.

Otherwise, I’m still harvesting tomatoes – I’ve a container full of large one waiting for me to prepare some Bolognese sauce today for instance. One or two courgettes – although another massive one I’d missed went straight to the compost, there is a limit to what can be usefully done with large courgettes (?courges?) There have even been a few climbing beans to harvest and a few flowers still, but again the change in weather may well have kyboshed what is left. Inside the greenhouse there are still tomatoes, esp. The ‘pomodoro’ variety to harvest.  The aubergine plants are flowering! But I suspect now I’m just growing for compost as there is basically no chance of aubergines now.
I’ve still got a load of autumn/winter bedding plants growing on in the greenhouse – mostly primula and pansies – waiting to plant out so they are clogging up space rather in the greenhouse.
Speaking of flowers, they are mostly still doing well, the climbing nasturtium in particular is still going berserk but the change in weather will probably slow it down somewhat.


Climbing Nastertiums – really climbing!

Even as I typed a squirrel appeared on the lawn – so the trap is now out. I suspect it is a mate of the one I took on holiday a couple of weeks ago – so hopefully they can meet up again soon….
The covered ground feeder is working well and the dunnocks and robins have been working their way through the food fairly well – not seen any blackbirds recently so no idea if they have worked it out yet. I’ve just seen two great tits arguing over access to one of the hanging feeders as well. Still plenty of frogs and toads hopping about as well, though I haven’t seen any of the greenhouse poulation for a few days – they’ll be there somewhere though.

Photos and spelling corrections to follow – I’m typing this using the android tablet WordPress application, and a separate bluetooth keyboard (really good I can recommend much better for typing many words than stabbing at the screen). Haven’t found out yet if I can turn on the spelling correction stuff so I’ll have to open this post in a regular web page to check later.

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