Summer – the Return!

With temperatures today back as high as 19 degC this is not like Autumn! Although we’ve had some rain recently, and the odd night that has been cold temperatures `mostly we’ve had temps in the teens, and it looks like being warmer over the next couple of days. Even as I type at 9:30am it is 15.5degC.
Some ideal weather for getting out in the garden and getting on with all the jobs that need doing you would think – except – other things have got in the way so progress has been slow.

The clement weather has meant that there are still strawberries and raspberries ripening, and the tomatoes that are left are still ripening, though some plants are finished now.

Ailsa Craig ripening outside greenhouse

Ailsa Craig hopefully ripening outside greenhouse

Pomdoro tomatoes still ripening in the greenhouse
Pomdoro tomatoes still ripening in the greenhouse











The salad leaves I planted in a container a few weeks ago are growing well, and I’ve moved them into the greenhouse – though with the current weather that now seems unnecessary!

I have started some clearing up though, the courgette and cucumber plants are all in the compost now along with the remains of the peas and climbing beans. I have started  to weed the raised beds as well, though there is more to do.

Raised Beds - still need weeding!

Raised Beds – still need weeding! (and the remains of the mangetout peas in near bed to be taken to compost)

I have managed to finish planting out all the winter bedding plants I had, except for a few wallflowers. Most went into containers and others into the front garden. I’ve still got some bulbs to plant out though.
Mentioning bulbs reminds me, the garlic I planted a couple of weeks is already sprouting, what’s embarrassing is that I have more garlic cloves to plant out – must try and do that in the next few days. I suspect the sprouting has been encouraged by the mild weather – should be interesting to see how well a second batch does in comparison.

Garlic sprouting already

Garlic sprouting already

There is still pruning and hedge trimming to do – I may even have to cut the grass again if the weather keeps being warm.

Just as a sign of the contrast between the season and the actual weather – as well as having the nasturtiums in full flower, the winter flowing jasmine is also out now.


Still plenty of frogs and toads around, lets hope there isn’t a sudden very cold snap to catch them out. Also, judging by the few birds taking advantage of the bird food, there must still be a lot of natural food around. Also, v few pigeons have visited the garden recently, whether that is because the ground food is less available thanks to the ‘cage’ (see previous post).

More worrying a black cat has a appeared in the garden a couple of times – so I need to boost and relocate the ultrasonic cat scarers I think.

Having taken a squirrel on holiday a couple of weeks ago – another turned up the other day so I’m on the lookout now…..

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