A Burst of Activity

Since my last post I’ve managed to find a bit of time and things have moved on a bit in the garden.

I spend a bit of time in the greenhouse and trimmed the tomatoes down to the bare essentials so hopefully some of the remaining fruit will ripen. A couple of plants I’ve cut right down as they have nothing left to ripen. I’ve also tackled the grapevine and pruned it right back, this has two advantages, firstly I get the branches out before all the leaves drop off – which are a real pain to collect up if they do drop off. Secondly, it lets a bit more light into the greenhouse which is handy this time of the year.

Outside, I’ve planted the rest of the garlic I had – a different variety (Thermidrome, softneck – ‘early and high yielding’), the original batch being Carcassone, hardneck, pink cloves (‘strong and vigorous’) and planted in the same bed as the previous.

I’ve also planted four rows of broad beans (‘Del Monica’  a variey I’ve not ried before), two each in different beds (nearest the greenhouse and the far end of the one with the garlic in.

In addition I’ve harvested the last lot of potatoes, Maris Piper, in one of the containers. The harvest confirms that yields from that way of growing are not really good enough considering the amount of compost needed.

Maris Piper - not much to show for all the compost.

Maris Piper – the whole crop – not much to show for all the compost.

However, the compost from that bag has gone to bulk up the soil a couple of the raised beds so isn’t wasted. As a results, the bed I’d planted potatoes in is now tidied up, had added compost, has been raked and is now ready for planting.

I also finally planted a couple of hyacinth bulbs that have been kicking around the greenhouse for a couple of weeks in a container (others are in glass ‘hyacinth growers’ under the stairs in the dark and just starting to grow). I do still have a pack of Alliums to plant though….

Meanwhile the weather has taken a turn overnight with temperatures now below 10 (only 6 degC at breakfast time this morning) and with a fair amount of rain during the last couple of days (I know about Sundays rain – it started just after I began an 11 mile run, and ended just as I finished after an hour and a half, so I was like a drowned rat when I got home – deeply unpleasant it was)

That’s all for now….


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