Raised Bed Progress

A burst of activity the other day while it was fine saw me construct a new raised bed farm from the wood I’ve had ready for a while now – months in fact. The need to use some of the soil I had delivered ages ago as well drove me on.

So having put the frame together I had to clear the area I’d identified as the location which meant a session of weed removal, then some levelling of the ground – which was slightly tricky as part of the area was covered with the remains of turves (upside down of course) taken from my lawn when I created a new flower bed over a year ago.

Once the frame was in place then I had the hard work of filling it with soil  – multiple barrow loads of course. See pic below of work in progress:

New raised bed being filled

New raised bed being filled

Now I have to buy some more wood for more beds – three are planned for plot B and sort out the paths around the new bed.

I also managed to do odd bits of work elsewhere, and finally chopped down the tomato plants outside the greenhouse and consigned the bits to compost. I also tackled the ones inside the greenhouse – though one plant is left in the optimistic hope that the tomatoes left on it will fully ripen. As that has created some room I moved the climbing strawberries (which are in a container) as they were still producing in the hope that I might get a few more strawberries from them. Incidentally, there was an illustration of the warm autumn weather when our corner shop still had punnets of locally picked strawberries for sale as recently as just over a week ago!

I managed to give the empty raised beds a bit of weeding and forked the soil over so they now look quite tidy, unlike their surroundings….

There is still plenty of hedge cutting to do and lots of annual flowers to take out from the flower part of the garden, apart from all the weeding that needs doing. Then there are the fruit bushes to prune and the greenhouse to tidy….

Not really any harvesting now but there are a few carrots left (had some with Sunday lunch) and amazingly a few raspberries still.


The seed feeders, though mostly the one with sunflower seeds in, are being visited regularly. The ground feeder station is also quite popular, at least judging by the fact that the seed is consumed fairly rapidly, mostly dunnocks and robins visiting I think. I haven’t put any more fat balls or bits out recently as the ones I put out earlier in the year seemed to have been ignored and just went mouldy – I’ll wait until we get a few frosts as I suspect there is plenty of natural food still available.

I’ve also recently had trouble with cat(s) digging in the raised beds and crapping there – up until a few months ago there hadn’t been a problem so new cats must have appeared in the neighbourhood. I’ll need to redeploy the ultrasonic cat scarers but it’s hard to cover the raised beds effectively.

I took another squirrel away for a holiday the other day, but rather irritatingly another has appeared and in fact I’ve put the trap out even while I type this post – the squirrel cam back, ignored the trap and climbed the feeder pole to get at the sunflower seeds – so I had to go out again and re-grease the pole with vaseline with chilli powder mixed in – not only does it make it hard to climb the poles but it puts them off the whole idea if they lick their paws.

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