I Think Winter Is Here Now

Well at last a couple of nights with below zero temperatures, so I guess you could say winter has actually arrived after a delay. Anyway it has finally dealt with the nasturtiums – otherwise they might have taken over the entire garden they had become so prolific. Quite a job collecting all the dead and dying bits though – it made a very big barrow-full (see below):

Nastertium remains

Nasturtium remains

Elsewhere, the last of the tomato plants have gone to compost – the ones outside the kitchen and the last couple from inside the greenhouse. This also means I’ve been able to take out the last couple of growbags from inside the greenhouse. Eventually their contents, along with the others from this year, will go into one of the new raised beds.

I’ve also pruned the other buddleias so they are have all had their first big prune, I’ll probably trim them down a bit more early next year.

Some growing as well as dying in the garden though – the two lots of broad beans are both through and almost all the beans have grown as well – one lot is pictured below(you might need to look quite carefully to see them):

Broad bean shoots

Broad bean shoots

Also, the first lot of garlic plants are growing nicely, though no sign of the second batch yet -I guess they are hiding until the end of winter…

Early garlic plants

Early garlic plants


Wonderfully squirrel free for the time being. though there are other problems.  I deployed the trail camera for a couple of nights recently which revealed the presence of a large cat – which investigated the ground feeding station very carefully. What excited the cat probably was what showed up on other video clips – mice. Even as early as 5pm a field mouse was on the ground feeding tray, and there were several visits through both nights. I’ll try and put some clips on the blog when I get chance to process them.

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