Autumn – the slight return

Yep – temperatures back above 12 degC for a couple of days this week – ridiculous for mid-December. Did that mean I was able to get out and do stuff in the garden – well no actually. All I’ve done recently is add more to the compost bins and feed the birds (or at least put bird food out).

Temperatures today are back down to around 8 degC but no real frosts are predicted for the near future.

I have had my ‘trail cam’ out for a few more nights recently though and a few interesting videos have shown up. I had placed the camera at the bottom of the garden and this revealed two cats were visiting – so I re-positioned one of the ‘sonic scarers’ to that area and subsequent evenings didn’t show any cat activity.

The ground feeder (with the ‘cage’ over) shows lost of visits by robins and dunnocks and puzzled pigeons and blackbirds wandering round the cage.

I’ll still haven’t had chance to upload the videos though!

Not much to add – I did cut some of the wood ready to construct another raised bed but no chance to assemble yet…..

With Christmas looming and all the related fol-de-rols I’m not sure how much chance I’ll have to get on in the garden during the next couple of weeks – so Merry Christmas to my reader!

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