Winter Arrived with Snow!

Not quite a white Christmas but a white end to Boxing Day – we had about a couple of inches of snow as it snowed through the night – causing the usual transport chaos. Then it froze of course. As I write (Sunday) it is still just below zero outside but the sun is shining so it will get to a few degrees above zero today.

Garden plus snow

Garden plus snow

Snow capped greenhouse

Snow capped greenhouse

Raised beds plus snow

Raised beds plus snow


Meanwhile, in the few days before Christmas when we had autumnal temperatures I finally built another raised bed and got it filled as well.

New Raised bed

New Raised bed

The next couple to go in will require a bit more work to prepare the area and it will need some better weather, but I want to get them in action in the spring. I have the bits to make one more so it will require another visit to the DIY store before I can complete the set – the next two should be the last though.

I also managed a bit of hedge cutting before Christmas and managed to remove all the bramble branches from the hedge on one side as well as the excessive growth at the bottom of the garden – bit of a fight as there were some rather long and pretty thick branches – the struggle is still reflected on my arms where despite having gloves on and long sleeves I still managed to be scratched (and my nose!)

Not much garden progress to report and the snow is going to prevent much action until it goes but not the weather has really turned into winter I really need to cut the perennials down – up until the snow there was at least one penstemon still in full flower!


Well finally at least one blackbird has worked out how to get into the ‘cage’, however I spent an amused 5 minutes the other day watching it trying to get out – it had clearly forgotten how it managed to get in and went round and round for a few minutes and I almost went out to release it (but that would have caused more panic of course) until it manage to work out where the bigger holes were and escaped. There has bee an increase in bird visits to the feeders of course since the snow and I’ve put out bread for the blackbirds – outside the cage mostly as only one has worked out how to get in I think.

Blackbird in cage - but not trapped!

Blackbird in cage – but not trapped!

More worrying I spotted a squirrel this morning going across the garden – so I’ll be keeping a close watch on that situation.

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