Frosty – Got Some Jobs Done

We’ve had a couple of weeks of frost and a bit of snow – which didn’t last more than a day. However, even though temperatures during the day have been rising to about 5degC it has been windy as well so the wind chill factor has made it very uncomfortable to be outside for long.

Basically there are plenty of excuses for not doing a lot in the garden since the last post. Last weekend and this weekend I have managed to get a bit done. Last weekend I set about clearing the area where another raised bed will go. There was a pile of soil which has gone into the large ‘bag’ that the last batch of bought soil was in (there was some left in it). There was also a pile of gravel and rubble, which I’ve put into another of the large ‘bags’ originally used for topsoil. That’s more or less cleared the area – the soil is still covered with some old lino from the kitchen floor so there won’t be any weed growth. Now all I have to do is build the next frame – I have all the bits it just needs a day to do it…

Today I spent some time in the greenhouse where the temperature reached over 15degC with the sun shining (outside it got up to 9degC). First of all some clearing up, old plants that hadn’t made it and clearing some space. Then I planted two varieties of broad bean into pots – ‘The Sutton’, and ‘De Monica’, enough for a few rows to add to the four rows already growing – we’ll see what comes up (provided I don’t get any visits from mice – though I seem to have dealt with that threat at the moment). Also started off some Rudbeckia seeds in one of the propagators for the flower beds.

I was going to start some peas off – but found I’ hadn’t got any – so sometime this week I’ll have to sit down with my seed collection and see what I need to buy. I found some onions (‘Electric’) that I’d bought last year and were already sprouting in their bag – so I planted most of those just to get them out of the way – according to the pack ‘the young growth can be used like spring onions’, if they come up of course and the birds don’t dig them all up. I’ve still got another pack of onions as well to plant.

Speaking of onions, I had a pack of Alliums which needed planting, so I found a couple of spots under the archway between the flower and vegetable sections to put them in.

So if the weather stays reasonable, which is the prediction of the next week, I might get a few more jobs done in the garden.


It’s been very quiet really, no squirrels, not even many birds, except a robin watching me and coming down around my feet when I was moving the soil. Here it is (below) watching for the opportunity to come down.

Watching Robin

Watching Robin

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