A Bit of Spring Showing

It’s all a bit odd – I have loads of daffodils, literally hundreds, scattered through the front and rear gardens plus more in containers – and yet so far none of them is in flower. Whereas…. at the bottom of the garden, there are primroses no in flower. Not just one plant either.

Primrose in flower

Primrose in flower

Admittedly there are snowdrops and a couple of crocuses in flower as well but it still doesn’t seem right to me!



Apart from taking a couple of photos (today) last weekend I did manage a couple of jobs – most important, finishing off planting out 40 bare-root perennials in the most recent raised bed – I’ll move them into their proper positions in late spring, though 4 aquilegias have gone into their final location, in the bed with other aquilegieas.

The previous Wednesday the weather had been just about good enough to allow me to give the tall holly hedge on the LH side a good trim (at least as far up as I could reach) and that made that side a lot neater. I was accompanied of course by a robin (or is it The robin?) and it really got involved when I raked the loose bits up as I raked up a collection of tit-bits for it as well.

Odd bits of clearing up in the garden was about all else I’ve managed to do.

Must sit down and sort out my seed requirements…..


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