I’ve Been Virtual Gardening

Yes I have to admit, only a few forays into the garden since my last post – and most of those to look in the greenhouse to check on the beans and other seeds (and whether any mice have visited). So I’ve been sitting imagining the gardening….

However, I did sit down the other day and go through my seeds and sort out what I needed to get, and what to throw away. Several packs of seed so old that it wasn’t worth taking a chance with them went bin-wards. Amazingly the shortlist of seeds to purchase wasn’t as long as I expected, though once I’d hone online to buy them (taking advantage of a ‘2 for 1’ offer from one company).

The list included climbing beans (Fasold), sweet pepper (Gourmet) & (Min Bell Mixed), mangetout peas (Oregon Sugar Pod), cucumber (Burpless Tasty Green), tomatoes (Gardeners Delight, Tumpling Tom Red), lemon grass, flat leaf & curly parsley and rocket. Today I picked up more tomato seed (Giulietta ‘Italian style’ & Marmande – ‘Mediterranean) and some ‘Italian style’ salad leaves. Many of the seeds I should be able to start planting in the next couple of weeks – hopefully I’ll find the time.

While out at the DIY store yesterday I picked up some more potting compost and the wood for my last raised bed (I’ve already got the bits I need for one more, it just needs two to finish things off). All I need is the time and some good weather to put them together and clear the ground they are going to occupy.

Having said all that in my draft post I have managed to be in the garden this afternoon in sunshine and 10DegC! mainly to fill up my green bin ready for collection. No problem or big effort as there was a lot of debris in the ‘nettle bed’ at the bottom of the garden, normally hidden from view by the nettles. I’ve left a pile in the middle though as it’s a good home for various wild life (probably some of the mice that stray into the greenhouse – though none have done for the last couple of weeks as far as I can tell.

At last one of my daffodils is in flower as well, and others are starting to show – things are stirring now….


The First Daffodil


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