Warmest Weather So Far

It was ridiculously warm today with temperatures over 19degC – warmer than some places in the Mediterranean  apparently. I gather it won’t last long though .

So no excuse for avoiding garden work though but didn’t actually do a lot in the garden apart from some clearing up and planting some wallflowers that had been hanging about over winter. Where did I spend my time on this warm day? – In the greenhouse of course where the temperature reached 30degC at one pojnt!

Well my excuse is that my seeds turned up the other day and I just felt I needed to get on with getting some going. Also, what I haven’t mentioned is that they seeds arrived on Thursday so I actually started sowing some on Friday. To make things worse I bought some more (flower seeds this time) on Friday.

Friday’s time in the greenhouse saw me sow some sweet peppers (mini bell), and cucumber (burpless). Also some ‘creeping thyme’ (for our front garden – a long story) plus some asters.

Today I sowed some lemon grass (now on our kitchen windowsill) , tomato (giulietta), marigolds and gazania flower seeds.

The first lot of broad beans are coming through now and it looks like I’ve got a few rudbeckia seedlings as well.

Broad beans just coming through

Broad beans just coming through

Meanwhile the new compost bin is filling fast – and the others are still at ambient even after stirring – maybe the warming weather will start things off.

Outside the greenhouse the broad beans planted last year are thriving as well as the garlic, both lots.


Not really anything to report, a few blackbirds and a few great tits – and of course the annoying pigeons, and the robin didn’t even turn up while I was outside.

On the plus side – no signs of mice in the greenhouse for a while, though I can’t be entirely sure….


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