More Seeds – Some Seedlings

Since my last post I’ve managed to spend a bit of time in the greenhouse and there is some progress to report. The weather hasn’t been brilliant, certainly not warm and we’ve had some rain, so not too much time outside in comparison, but I have managed to prepare the parts for the last two raised beds, just need to screw them together now.

Some of the seeds sown previously are now germinated, there are some tomato seedlings (‘pomodoro’ and ‘ailsa craig’) – far too many I think, still I’m sure I can pass any extra on. Also two of the cucumber seeds are through. However, not sign of the peppers or the ‘sweet ‘n neat’ tomatoes – though I’m not very surprised as they were old seeds.

The ‘de monica’ broad beans are all through now, bar one, and I put them out into a ‘cold frame’ (sort of) today and hope the weather doesn’t turn too cold this week. I also planted the last six ‘de monica’ beans into pots today just to finish off the packet really.

On the subject of broad beans, a few days I planted some more*(6) ‘aguadulce’ in a matrix of pots so I should have plenty of beans when they all produce.

Also, at the same time I planted a dozen ‘oregon sugar pod’ mangetout peas in the hope that I can get an early crop of peas, I’ll plant more in a couple of weeks hopefully so I can have a succession. I also limed the raised bed that i intend to use for the peas, and added some fertiliser as well.

Another thing that triggered some time in the greenhouse was the delivery of 24 tiny plug geraniums which needed potting on fairly rapidly, so they are in pots in trays on the greenhouse floor just now (no other flat surface available).

Just today I spent another session in the greenhouse and sowed some more peppers (‘gourmet’), newer seed so more of a chance they will germinate. Plus more tomatoes (‘tumbling tom’, a bush type, and ‘marmande’, a ‘Mediterranean’ type).

Looking at the long container in which I’d planted salad leaves, the ‘Italian leaves’ have germinated ok, but no sign of any of the ‘cut ‘n come again’ leaves – I’ll leave a few more days before reseeding with a different salad type.

Inside the house the window ledge seeds have germinated, and the lemon garss has produced quite well and quickly so there are more than a dozen seedlings. The other window ledge seeds are ‘gazania’, a bit disappointing germination rate, and marigolds – plenty seedlings in that tray.

This weeks target is to get the last raised beds built and maybe installed, it looks like it will be warm enough in the early part of the week to get some serious work done outside….

I’ll try and take some pics this week – for the next post….


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