A Day of Action

After watching the partial eclipse on Friday morning, the weather stayed pretty warm so I managed to get quite a lot done in the greenhouse and garden.

First of all a session in the greenhouse – where the tomato seedlings are doing fine (9 each of pomodoro and ailsa craig), and the cucumber seedlings are happy again in the propagator. More disturbing is the fact that none of the other pepper and tomato seeds are through yet. I’ve moved the marigold seedlings from the kitchen into the greenhouse, and they seem to be doing fine.

Tomato and cucumber seedlings

Tomato and cucumber seedlings

So what did I sow? Well, for a change it was flower seeds – antirrhinums,  lobelia and mesembrynthemums in some trays. Also, sweet peas in pots, annuals and perennials.

Outside, I planted a row of turnip seed (purple top) and radish (rats tail), though the radish is oldish seed so I’m not too confident, but we’ll see.

Near the kitchen I sowed some rocket (new seed) and coriander (old seed) since it’s the warmest place in the garden so they should have the best chance.

The last couple of years I’ve successfully grown carrots in a tall soft plastic container, but it has become too fragile. I have an old plastic water tank which has been stashed by the side of the greenhouse for a long time – so I finally cleaned it up and filled it with compost ready for carrots this year – the height like the container, makes it much less liable to get carrot root fly attacking the carrots..

As if all  that wasn’t enough I then tackled the holly hedge alongside the greenhouse and beyond – about 12 metres. It’s the worst bit of hedge cutting – lots of scratched arms from cutting the top, then there is the awful job of collecting up all the cuttings – holly leaves will keep turning up though and giving me pain. Of course the robin was taking a great interest and happily hopping round my feet to gather up grubs and worms disturbed by me raking up the cuttings form the hedge.

I then went on the put grease bands round the apples and plum trees. This is a very messy job of course and that finished me foo for the day!

The flower part of the garden near the house though does look pretty at the moment as there are plenty of daffodils out so it’s looking very spring like.

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