More Tomato Seedlings At Last

Well some of my worries about the tomato seed are now reduced as some seedlings have now appeared to be precise, 2 ‘gardeners delight’, 1 ‘tumbling tom’, 1 ‘giulietta’, 1 ‘sweet ‘n neat and 1 ‘marmande’ – which is a big improvement on none a few days ago. Why they have taken so long to germinate is a mystery, and whether any more will appear I don’t know. However, so far note of the pepper seeds have germinated.  All the pots are still in the propagators and I’ll leave them for the time being, so maybe….

New tomato seedlings

New tomato seedlings

I have a second line of attack in that I have planted more tomato and pepper seedlings in post which are currently on the kitchen windowsill – so hopefully some of them will produce.

Of course I’m going to end up with more tomatoes than I can deal with in the end…

Today the weather has been pretty abysmal, with strong wind, rain, and occasional sun, so no working outside, it was strictly greenhouse time.

I had moved the old tank designated for carrots this year into the greenhouse to warm up a bit and today I sowed two varieties of carrot – ‘mini finger’ & ‘Amsterdam 2 solo’. I grew both varieties last year and they produced reasonably well, so should be ok this year hopefully.

I think I mentioned previously that I had planted some parsley inn pots which have been on the kitchen windowsill as well – well they have germinated and there are several seedlings of flat leaf and curly parsley. Today I planted another couple of pots, one of each variety and these are in one of the propagators in the greenhouse. Some of the seedlings will go outside near the kitchen when the weather permits.

The peas plated in a matrix in the greenhouse are now starting to appear:

Pea shoots

Pea shoots

These are mangetout peas, but I have some ‘main crop’ peas on order so for a change I’ll be trying some of those as well this year.

Also coming through are the next lot of broad beans – ‘aguadulce’ variety:

broad beans appearing

Broad beans appearing

Although it looks like 4 have failed to make it, there are enough for a row I think and there are more waiting to appear in other trays.

On top of the vegetable work, I also potted on the remaining marigold seedlings, another 18 plants.

I just hope the weather this week will allow me to get the last raised bed in place, though the forecast isn’t too promising with more rain showers predicted. I’ve also got quite a few perennials and other plants on order and some of then will be turning up soon! One plant, a clematis, turned up last week and is now in a pot inside the greenhouse growing on a bit while I get its ultimate destination sorted out (at the front by the front door), and some more clematis plants are on order to go with it.



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