More Seeds Arrived

My second lot of seeds ordered online (special offer!) arrived the other day prompting a trip to the greenhouse (the weather wasn’t up to too much outside anyway). Most of the seeds needed sowing inside anyway so I needed to be there in any case.

All I got sown in the end was some calabrese (‘belstar’) and aubergine (a small variety, ‘galine’). I’ll see if some of the aubergine plants can produce outside this year. I did get outside though and planted some pea seed (‘hurst green shaft’) in the raised bed nearest the greenhouse (only about a third of a row, along the length of the bed I’ll plant more in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of peas, the magetout growing in the greenhouse will need to go into the same bed in the next couple of days and then I’ll sow some more. I’ll also need to plant out some of the broad bean seedlings (‘aguadulce’) that are now big enough.

Some good news as far as tomato and pepper seedlings go, one or two more tomato seedlings have struggled through but more important two pepper (‘gourmet’) have appeared. Meanwhile I’ve potted on the nine ‘ailsa craig’ tomato seedlings, so that’s 18 tomato seedlings – too many already!

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