Weather Fine – been Plantin’ & Sowin’

A couple of days over the Easter period has seen me in a relative frenzy of activity in the garden as the weather has been pretty good (about 20degC max to day for instance). In fact so sunny it has been pretty uncomfortable in the greenhouse in the middle of the day.

So over the Easter weekend I sowed a couple more cucumber seeds, the previously sowed seedlings are now producing proper leaves in their pots now, but I want to have some ‘spare’ plants – it will probably mean a glut of cucumber though….

Cucumber seedlings

Cucumber seedlings

Other seeds sown inside were – sweet basil (some old seed which may not germinate , so its a test really), and some small sunflowers from a pack of different sunflower varieties I found the other day.

Outside I sowed a row of pak choi (next to the turnip row), and next to that a row of swiss chard. In the furthest bed away from the house I put in a couple of rows of rooster’ potatoes and a row of ‘maya gold’ (both varieties left from last year and sprouting nicely).

The mangetout peas had been outside for a day or so and I planted them in the bed nearest the greenhouse in a double row lengthwise and the aguadulce broad beans that were ready in the beds with rows of beans already.

Yesterday I planted a couple of pots of climbing beans (‘fasold’ – a variety I haven’t tried before). I probably plant some more when I see how they get on. Today, a couple of pots of chilli pepper seeds (;peruvian lemon drop’).

Meanwhile the tomato seedlings are coming on fine:

Pomodoro seedlings

Pomodoro seedlings


Outside today – a row of ‘lollo rosso’ lettuce (alongside the chard row). Also, I’ put another set of ‘aguadulce’ beans outside ready to plant out. Some of the existing bean plants are in flower already!



In flower!

In flower!

The big job today though was pruning the holly hedge on the RH side (looking down from the house) – that hedge is more a collection of holly trees than a normal hedge – but needs the branches trimming to reduce the shading of the beds below. I recently acquired a ‘branch lopper’ which is adjustable in length, so I could lop branches much higher than I have been able to reach before, which was handy. I also had a go at the yew tree at the bottom of the garden, which has rather gone mad over the last few years and cut back a load of branches. This had the side effect of providing me with a number of ‘canes’ that I can use as supports (yew wood doesn’t rot in the ground easily) so was a worthwhile exercise.


Well you could tell it was warm today, I saw two peacock, a sulphur yellow and maybe a cabbage white butterflies – amazing. Also, the trail cam a the bottom of the garden revealed a hedgehog wandering through overnight a couple of days ago (as well as a couple of different cats!), Bumble bees and ‘bee-flies’ were also around today.


Peacock Butterfly


Birds, however, haven’t been that exciting. The great and blue tits visit the sinflower seed feeder regularly and blackbirds have been squabbling over territory plus the robins have been around (especially when I’m out gardening). Apart from that not really much going on.

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