April Weather in May

We have showers and cold wind at the moment which is not doing my dwarf and climbing beans any good at all – and the tomatoes that are outside either.

Since the last post I’ve been mainly concentrating on flowers rather than veg, but there has been plenty of activity all round.

As mentioned above I’ve taken a risk and planted out the climbing beans (five of them anyway – there are more just coming up in the greenhouse) and I’ve just finished putting the last of six tomato plants in growing bags outside the greenhouse. It’s so windy though that I’ve propped up the door I’ve used to make a ‘cold frame’ over them to keep the wind off a bit.

Tomatoes outside the greenhouse with some protection

Tomatoes outside the greenhouse with some protection

Inside the greenhouse I’m now up to four growbags full of tomatoes – that’s twelve plants altogether – far too many I suspect – I can see lots of tomato sauce and such being prepared later…. A real mixture of types including ailsa craig, gardeners delight, marmande, zuchero and pomodoro are in the growbags and they are coming along nicely, one even in flower already

Growbags full of tomatoes!

Growbags full of tomatoes!

Of course there are another five in a pot outside the kitchen as well! Four bush variety (tumbling tom & sweet ‘n neat) and they seem to be coping well – though not exactly racing ahead thanks to the weather.

Also three of the peppers (gourmet) are now in big pots along with one of the aubergines – I’ve still got more peppers an aubergines to pot up though, just needed to buy some more pots today.

Aubergine (nearest) and pepper in big pots now

Aubergine (nearest) and pepper in big pots now

The ‘hurst green shaft’ peas I planted in pots were big enough to go outside so they have no joined the pitiful three that appeared from the two rows planted direct into the ground some time ago – must sow some more into pots now.

The potatoes planted first are well up now, just waiting for the more recent plantings to come through. I’ve also planted another row of Charlotte in the bed nearest the house which is still half full of perennials waiting to be transferred into the flower beds, but that should happen soon leaving room for more rows of potatoes.

Potato pants looking good

Potato pants looking good

The ‘rat’s tail’ radishes feel as if some may ready to harvest and I’ve thinned out one or two on the row that were a bit cramped, also thinned out the turnips. No sign of the resown swiss chard which failed to produce yet. The carrots have recovered from their ‘disturbance’, though it happened again when I took the cover off – so now it is surrounded with plastic mesh which should keep anything out but still let the light in.

Carrots - protected!

Carrots – protected!

Oh yes – and we are eating salad leaves and rocket from the container and kitchen patch now – second crop of the year after rhubarb (we’ve already had a second batch of that).

I’ll need to dedicate the next post to all the flower planting over the last couple of days – it’s been quite frantic!


Mostly looking at the birds who clearly have chick to feed – in particular the robin(s) and blue and great tits who have been frequenting the bird feed all the time. The robin will be down searching round me whenever I do any work in the garden just in case.

On of the robins feeding

On of the robins feeding

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