Daily Archives: August 3, 2015

Harvesting Stuff

As well as harvesting I’ve finally chopped the remaining broad bean plants down. I’ve left some stem just in case they shoot and produce some more beans as I have no plans to plant anything else in the space just now.

The harvesting has been both fruit and vegetables. We’ve had one lot of the ‘Hurst Green Shart’ peas the other day, and they seemed pretty good. The tomatoes have started to produce as well:

First Tomatoes - small ones and many more to come...

First Tomatoes – small ones and many more to come…

Also gooseberries – and there are more to come of theses as well:

Gooseberries - a mix of two types

Gooseberries – a mix of two types

we’ve already eaten the gooseberries, using one of Delia’s recipes ‘Gooseberry Yoghurt Fool‘ very good it was too.

There are some climbing and dwarf beans as well – and it looks like the garlic is ready to be dug up now. The courgettes won’t be long I think, and I’ve already harvested another couple of cucumbers – so it all points to lots of salads in the next few weeks – despite the weather.


Now I mention the weather, it has been pretty grotty over the last couple of weeks with a weather pattern more like spring or autumn with a succession of low pressure systems passing over so we’ve had rain, wind and only the sporadic sunny days – no real summer at all. It’s still in that state and shows no sign of changing!


The trail cameras are now deployed at he bottom of the garden but I haven’t retrieved them yet – news next post perhaps.

The squirrel baffle is working – although I did see the squirrel avoiding it by jumping from on top of the ‘squirrel cage’ – so I had to move it further away.

The birds have lost interest in the dried mealworms at the moment but the greenfinches are gobbling up the sunflower hearts.