Tomato & Courgette Armageddon Is Upon Us!

The glut has started – a slow build-up but now we have more courgettes and tomatoes than we can eat already and it looks like it is only going to get worse. The tomatoes I expected, after there are too many plants but there are only two courgette plants but they are a variety with yellow coloured courgettes so they can’t hide as easily – and I am harvesting them early as well.

Tomatoes and yellow Courgettes

Tomatoes and yellow Courgettes

This of course not to mention the cucumber, which we are just keeping up with, the climbing and ‘dwarf’ beans which we aren’t – there are a load to be harvested just now. The blueberries, still being harvested, the blackcurrants I’ve just started harvesting and there are loads!

Blackcurrants - from half a bush!

Blackcurrants – from half a bush!

Climbing beans waiting to be harvested

Climbing beans waiting to be harvested

Also, I’ve only dig up a couple of rows of potatoes so there are plenty more of them to come.

Potato plants - how many potatoes underneath?

Potato plants – how many potatoes underneath?

Apart from the harvesting needed fortunately the weather has settled down a bit at least for a few days, so much so that I had to use the hosepipe on the garden the other day and may well need to tonight!

And oh yes – the carrots are ready as well…..

The only harvesting complete is the garlic – all up, dry, and hanging in our utility room now.

I’m still suffering a bit from ‘open garden’ depression and haven’t been able to get down to planting some more salad leaves since the last lot was attacked by caterpillars (cabbage white I suspect) and has gone to the compost heap.


Speaking of caterpillars, I’ve only seen one small batch on the nettles this year and they moved so rapidly out of sight that I couldn’t identify them.

The birds have been eating the sunflower seeds, mostly greenfinches I think with a few great tits but the odd house sparrow has appeared on the feeders nearest the kitchen as well.

Butterflies are more in evidence now the weather is a bit more sunny, many peacock butterflies on the buddleia (I counted 5 at once the other day) a few comma and many small whites as well as the odd ‘small brown jobs’ that haven’t hung around long enough or have kept their wings closed (very annoying).

That’s all for now – I may have to sit down and ‘top and tail’ the blackcurrants as it looks like they will be going straight to the freezer…..

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