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More Tomatoes, More Courgettes etc.

The fact I have many tomato plants this year is now really coming home to roost – with ripening tomatoes waiting to be picked both inside the greenhouse and out. Also, two courgette plants has proved to be one too many I think – even if the courgettes are fairly tasty Although we haven’t had to resort to quite as many courgette recipes as previous years – I’ve taken to harvesting them pretty early as well and haven’t missed one that has sneakily grown into a monster as with previous years.

Having said that, the cucumbers have been producing as well. There are three plants and they have been sneakily producing cucumbers as they have been hidden by the courgette leaves – which seem to be even bigger than usual this year. So the other day I found a foot long  cucumber totally out of site – further investigation hs revealed more as well – now what can I do with cucumbers?….

Most of the tomatoes will be converted to tomato sauce and stored in the fridge though as even eating roasted veg dishes (with peppers & fish) can’t keep up with the supply and we can only have so many salads.

The other major harvest activity is picking the blackcurrants, I think I’ve picked over 2lbs already and there is still at least 1lb to go I would guess. They are so ripe that quite a few just drop off the branches as I start to harvest which is a bit of  a pain. I did manage to give away a load I harvested yesterday to my next door neighbour though.

Here we are with some pics of the harvests:

22nd August Harvest

22nd August Harvest

24th August Harvest

24th August Harvest

27th August Harvest - including beans

27th August Harvest – including beans

One fruit I haven’t had time to harvest yet is the bramble (blackberry), the hedges are laden with already ripe fruit but with all the other things I’ve had to do (away from the garden) I’ve not had chance to even look at them – also I suspect I’ll just be sticking them in the freezer if I do get round to harvesting them.

Apart from the harvesting I really haven’t had time to do anything else in the garden, just a bit of watering, trimming back the grapevine in the greenhouse (and there’s another harvest nearly ready – the grapes) and cutting the grass.


Since the last post I’ve evicted two squirrels, one of which was the real nuisance and that had wrecked one of the bird feeders I think. There have been plenty of greenfinches still plus visitations by long-tailed tits, mob handed as usual.

One surprising thing was to spot a newt in the bird bath tray (see below) the other morning – I think it had managed to get in but couldn’t get out! I relocated it in one of the borders with plenty of foliage.

Smooth Newt in the bird bath

Smooth Newt in the bird bath