Bin Clearing Away the Tomato Plants

Finally I’ve managed to find the time to start clearing away the tomato plants in the raised bed – all 12 of them. They were of course complete with some rather rotten tomatoes – so this almost certainly means I’ll have tomato plants appearing from where I’ve used compost next year. This year I must have removed a dozen or more baby tomato plants in various places around the garden this year.

Now the compost bin is full – and as I went back into the house after thinking I had finished with the tomato plants – I spotted the container outside the kitchen – complete with several tomato plants, and some green tomatoes. So that’s another job…

The Last Tomatoes!

The Last Tomatoes!

The weather has been ridiculously mild recently though with temperatures rarely below 10degC, and up to a ridiculos 17degC today for instance. We have had rain showers as well, but the warm weather has confused some of the plants as well, particularly the flowers – I’ve go rudbeckia still in full flower for instance. The courgette plants though not dying have stopped producing courgettes at least.

Rudbeckia still in Flower

Rudbeckia still in Flower

One last harvest will be the lemon grass I’ve had growing in the greenhouse – I’ve been saved from having to harvest it by the lack of any frost but it won’t last! Though come to think of it – there are potatoes left yet….

A positive job I have managed to do was to sow some winter ‘green manure’ seeds in the bed which had held the beans, I also added the compost from one of the growbags. There are a couple of the other beds that I’ll sow as well once they are ready.

Raised bed - it has been sown with seed honest!

Raised bed – it has been sown with seed honest!


Well the great and blue tits and the odd robin are going through the sunflower seeds with great rapidity. Also, the ‘fat block’ is being pecked away fairly quickly, I’ve had to put a new one in today.

Other than that, there is a squirrel which is ignoring the allure of peanuts leading into the trap – in fact it goes straight past my offerings in to next doors garden where the pickings are easier….. darn it!

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