Got Some Seedlings!

Finally stirred myself into some greenhouse action this week and the end of last week. Mainly because temperatures and weather outside was cold & windy but inside the greenhouse it reached over 20Deg! So it was reasonably comfortable to sit in the greenhouse and get some seeds sown – mind as soon as the sun was hidden by clouds the temperature would drop fairly rapidly…

Anyway, I planted some tomato and pepper seeds last weekend – the tomatoes were:

Pomodoro, Zuchero, Ailsa Craig & Giulietta.

All varieties I grew last year. I still need to sow some of the small ‘cherry’ style tomato seeds – they will be next. The pots were put on the kitchen windowsill (covered) to germinate – which meant I could keep a close eye on their progress as well.

Here we are on Friday and already there are seedlings (see below)

Tomato Seedlings

Tomato Seedlings

As usual embarrassingly, most of the seeds have germinated! Like so many gardeners I find it hard to discard tomato seedlings, so there will be plenty of plants again this year… However, no sign of the peppers (some chilli & some sweet) yet.

Yesterday I moved on to some flower seeds – prompted by the fact that I’d been tempted into buying some the day before. So half-trays of marigold, geranium and nicotiana are now in the heated propagators in the greenhouse (no more room on kitchen windowsill. I also bought some dahlia tubers on an impulse, so they are now in a tray of moist compost in the greenhouse waiting to shoot.

While I’m talking about flowers, I’ve also managed to get the majority of the ‘spring’ flowers I bought at the end of last year (pansies, bellis etc.) into various containers. It’s all a bit embarrassing really, I bought them with the best of intentions last autumn but the mild winter has meant that plants that should have died off just kept going, so the containers I was going to put them in weren’t available – still there are only a few left now.

Also, more or less as an experiment, I sowed some ‘winter salad’ seeds in a container in the greenhouse last weekend – no sign of anything yet though.

The broad beans show no sign as yet but the garlic continues to grow well with shoots about 6″ high now.

Elsewhere, most daffodils in the garden are in flower now and some of the perennial flowers show signs of growing so spring is springing – although we have wintry weather today and tomorrow with light snow this morning (much more north of here) and possibly tomorrow as well.


Not really much to say, the birds are pretty active on the feeders and the number of blackbirds in the garden seems to have increased – no sign of territorial fights yet. A squirrel has been halfway down the garden, but hasn’t approached the bird feeders yet – at least not while I’ve been watching so it is safe for now….

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