More Plantin’

It was warm enough again a few days ago to work in the greenhouse again and so I managed to sow some more seeds. First of all, some mangetout peas, enough for a row at least. Secondly some flower seeds, in particular some sunflowers, rudbeckia and dwarf dahlias.

Some of the existing seedlings could be moved out of the propagators  and the marigolds were advanced enough for this. The tomato seedlings also were big enough to pot on into individual pots – but these I put onto a tray and kept them in the house for a few days to make sure they were ok (still coldish nights).

Toato and flower seedlings with pots of broad beans

Tomato and flower seedlings with pots of broad beans And sunflower seeds  (tedddy bear)

Also, I put some cloches out over tow of the raised beds ready for the beans and peas (hopefully).

Meanwhile some more seedlings/small plants that I ordered a bit ago have turned up – some sweet peas and petunias. The petunias (36 of them) were just micro plants and needed putting into a grid tray more or less straight away so that was an hour or so in the greenhouse.

One or two pepper seedlings have appeared in the pots on the kitchen window ledge but it still isn’t really a good result – I do have another packet of sweet pepper seeds to start of if no more appear.

The salad leaves in the greenhouse are now coming on well:

Salad leaves comin on well

Salad leaves coming on well

Things in general are starting to bud in the garden – we’ve had a few dry days now but temperatures have in general stayed fairly low – around 3 to 5 degrees in the morning struggling up to 9 or 1o during the day. The daffodils are still in full flower as well – and some of the later narcissi still in bud.


Hot off the press – the badger sighted again! The wildlife cam at the bottom of the garden had been out for over 2 weeks and i just reviewed the results, so mostly cats, squirrel, blackbirds and hedgehog(s) turned up as usual but then on with the badger wandering in then back again very clearly – haven’t had time to process it yet so maybe the next post I’ll be able to show a clip.


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