More Seeds Planted

Another sunny day so temperatures in the greenhouse were warm enough to sit around for a while so felt the need to get on with some more sowing.

I thought the prospects look good enough to risk sowing some courgette and cucumber seeds – the same varieties as last year. Courgette – ‘Atena’ (a yellow type) and cucumber ‘Burpless’.  The courgette and cucumber are on the kitchen windowsill in the house covered in film for the time being. More tomato seeds and a couple of the peppers are now showing in the other pots on the windowsill.

I’ve also sown some ‘sweet’ basil and parsley (‘Envy’) seeds – but I’ve left the basil and parsley in the greenhouse, hopefully it should be warm enough to germinate them over the next couple of weeks.

Inside the greenhouse some of the mangetout peas have shoots showing.
Outside, I sowed half of the container I use for carrots with carrot ‘Frubund’. It’s an old cold water tank well off the ground to avoid the carrot root fly – which has worked so far…

Meanwhile more broad bean shoots have appeared.

That’s all folks!


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