Some Progress but Weather Still Variable

Although it is spring and showers are expected the weather has still been very up and down – with the odd sunny day, rainy days and still some frosty mornings. The days are at least longer and with the clocks change there is now some light in the evenings. The greenhouse has at least been reasonable to work in mostly, though too hot on the rare sunny days.

One big failure of the winter planting has been the broad beans where only half or less of the beans planted back in Feb?

have come up. Fortunately I have been able to rescue the situation with beans planted in pots in the greenhouse. Most of these I’ve planted in the bed now, and there are some more in pots not yet up which will hopefully fill in the last gaps.

What borad beans?

What broad beans?

On the other hand the first batch of mangetout peas are now in the bed and looking good. Also, the rocket plants I put in a couple of weeks ago seem to be thriving. The sweet peas though are struggling apart from those planted near the kitchen window.

Another failure has been the carrot seeds – nothing has appeared so after ?? weeks I think they aren’t going to germinate. I do have more seed and a different variety so I need to get some of them sown as soon as possible.

I have two courgette seedlings and one cucumber seedling just a t the point of producing their first true leaves, so they will have to be potted on I suspect before I can risk then going outside. I have more courgette and cucumber seed planted but not yet through.

Elsewhere, I’ve been sorting out one of the compost bins as the rats had found a way into it so I had to empty it into another and then reset it over some mesh and flatter base – I needed the mesh as the rats had gnawed part of the base away to gain entry.



The trail cam has shown another visit by the badger as well as regular visits by a hedgehog.

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