Weather Improving – Risking Planting

After the period of poor weather there was an interlude of sunny days – but luckily I held off from some planting having seen the weather forecast…

So over the weekend we had low temperatures, almost frosty nights again, but now it has warmed up a bit and we have had a sunny day today.

With the sun as encouragement I tried to catch up with some of the sowing and planting jobs that had been pending. My back now tells me I did quite a lot in the garden today!

The first job was to bet some more beans and peas planted, Firstly because I need to keep planting peas to keep them cropping, secondly I hadn’t planted any french/dwarf beans yet, and thirdly not knowing anything about the cropping of the ‘mixed’ climbing beans I thought it would be good to have a few more available. So I planted a pot of ‘oregano sugar pod’ and another of ‘sweet horizon’ – 4 peas in each. Then a pot of dwarf beans – tendergreen’? and a pot of the climbing beans.

The tomatoes in the greenhouse are now staked and even in flower in some cases:

Greenhouse tomatoes – all staked now


Also I’ve taken one growbag outside the greenhouse:

Tomatoes now outside

Tomatoes now outside

Also, I’ve planted the two replacement plants (both bush type small fruiting types) I had to buy in the container by the kitchen – the remaining tomato plants are struggling on but looks like they will survive:

Tow new, two struggling...

Tow new, two struggling…

Many of the strawberry plants are now in flower, they are supposed to produce fruit in stages depending on the variety – so we’ll see.

Update – 18th May

Yesterday I planted out the climbing beans – they had been outside hardening for a couple of days but were just too large to keep in their pots:

Now they are in the garden

Now they are in the garden

Also, I replaced two of the three tomatoes that didn’t survive in the growbag outside the greenhouse with ‘pomodoro’ variety plants.

I also re-sowed the carrot container with two varieties ‘tendersnax’ and ‘nantes 2 frubund’.

Stop Press

After a few dry days it’s raining today – but welcome light rain.


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