Not Raining – So Busy Again

It was fine and actually sunny mostly today until late afternoon when drops of rain started falling. I was pretty tired by then so I gave up having achieved quite a bit.

The main focus was actually on flowers today, but first thanks to the weather, I had to tackle the lawn edges as the grass had grown so much that I wouldn’t be able to plant bedding plants in the borders. That was tedious enough but I also needed to tackle the bit of ‘hedge’ near the kitchen which was getting out of hand (mostly winter flowering jasmine with some clematis and a climber the name of which I can’t remember just now).

That lot being done I needed a sit down so next I tackled the two hanging baskets I hadn’t filled yet (I filled two a few days ago and now they are hanging by the kitchen). I used verbena and some lobelias.

Since some of the sunflower plants I had planted out a month or so ago had not survived I’ve plated some more – this time several varieties (‘teddy bear’, ‘paquito’, ‘sunrise’ and ‘irish eyes’. They are all small to medium height sunflowers, not the very tall ones.

Some ‘astroemenia’ plants that came through the post a week or so ago needed potting on before planting out so I got that job done as well.

The only vegetable wok was to put a cucumber plant (‘marketmore’), which had been outside the greenhouse for a couple of days, into an old large container.

Oh and I planted some mixed salad seed (‘cos lettuce mix’) into a large pot – I’m going to keep it in the greenhouse until the seeds sprout.

Looking at the tomato plants in the container near the kitchen, I suspect one of the original plants isn’t going to make it – fortunately I have a ‘tumbling tom’ plant (still small though) in a pot in the greenhouse so I can replace if necessary.

That was enough I think!

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