Weather Lousy Again

We have northerly winds and rain – not good for the garden.
But progress has been made and plants have grown regardless

The last tomato seedlings are now planted out – so there are now three growbags outside the greenhouse (pomodoro & marmande), but three plants are just in pots in the greenhouse for the time being as the weather is so crummy.

Tomatoes outside the greenhouse

Tomatoes outside the greenhouse

I have been planting out a lot of flowers though – mostly bedding plants but a few perennials. It has been a struggle making sure the slugs and snails don’t get them – I’ve even had to sacrifice some beer to put into pots put into the ground to capture some of them. The pigeons have also mad a nuisance of themselves – I had somne phlox plants in one of the raised beds temporarily until I had sorted out space and they were shooting ok until the pigeons found them. I’ve now tried to protect them with shiny CDs and a partial cover.

The pigeons have also had a go at the lower leaves of the climbing beans but hopefully they should survive as it is only the lower leaves they can get at. The problem is I have three more small bean seedlings which I need to get planted out as soon as possible and I suspect they will need some protection if they are to survive the pigeons.

The climbing beans

The climbing beans

There are also another set of pea seedlings to put in as well but they seem less prone to damage. On the other hand I have a whole tray of dwarf beans (bought) and they may well need protection when planted out in the next few days.

The mangetout peas doing well...

The mangetout peas doing well… (that’s sunshine on the right)

All bar one of my pepper plants – both sweet and chilli are now in pots in the greenhouse although some may need re-potting in bigger pots when they have grown a bit.

The spinach has grown enough for us to have a harvest from it although there has been some damage from either slug or pigeons.

Spinach - you can see some damaged leaves

Spinach – you can see some damaged leaves

Meanwhile the potato plants are well through now and I have have earthed them up as far as possible.

The potatoes have sprung up!

The potatoes have sprung up!

Some of the broad beans had grown quite tall so I’ve had to add canes and string to support them – not added the polystyrene ‘eye protectors’ yet though.


Broad beans with support now

Broad beans with support now – though before the string added.

The resowing of the carrots has paid off, most of the seeds seem to have germinated, though I have kept a glass cover over the ‘tank’ to protect them.


Not much to say – though I think I saw a goldfinch on the nyjer seed feeder today which would be a first for this year. Also, many ‘small blue’ butterflies about.

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